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Expanded Functions and Radiology Certifications 

Course Objectives and Description 

This course will provide expanded functions and radiology certifications approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry. This is a comprehensive course and is designed to provide students with knowledge on chair side procedures, patient care, and clinical administrative routines in dental practice. 

Topics will include: 

  • Introduction to Dental Assisting:

    • Ethics and Law ​

    • Sterilization Techniques 

    • Dental Chairside Assisting 

    • Dental Radiology 

    • Dental Materials 

    • Laboratory Techniques 

    • Florida Administrative Codes 

Method of Instruction

Students will be taught through lecture, discussions, presentations, with emphasis on hands-on, clinical instruction. Students will be required to read assigned materials prior to a scheduled class. Written and Laboratory/Clinical Exams will be given and must be passed for competency assessment prior to receiving certificate. 

**Must be 18+ and hold a high school diploma / GED equivalent in order to complete certification. 

Course Details

Expanded Functions and
Radiology Course

Duration: 10-12 Weeks (80 hours | 10 Classes)

Price: $4,000

(Payment Plans Available Upon Request)

Languages: English and Spanish

The courses provided have been approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry to provide expanded functions and radiology courses for the purposes of meeting the formal training requirement as specified in Rule 64B5-16, Florida Administrative Code.

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